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About Me

Hello witches & dreamers! I'm Marie; a Pittsburgh PA based ADHD creative being, an intuitive tarot reader, and A Dreaming Witch

I wish to connect with and create a safe space for likeminded individuals (witchy/ADHD/neurodivergent/etc) who are interested in exploring and learning about witchcraft, astrology, + tarot, and how these things can assist us on our own healing journeys. I want to provide space for us to learn + heal together and to be free to express our unique selves. 


I have a background in psychology, having studied for about 5 years in a college setting, and going on 10 years in total of my own studies. I have also been practicing witchcraft and reading tarot for about 4-5 years now. I don't have a specified path of witchcraft, I'm more of an experimenter, but I do gravitate towards herbal magic a lot. I utilize tarot predominately for healing: uncovering limiting beliefs, shadow work, deepening our understanding with ourselves, etc. Overall, I am very passionate about using my spiritual path to aid in my own trauma healing. Read More->

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